This training is designed for therapists (including massage and somatic therapists), psychologists and counselors who are seeking to better incorporate the role of corporeal processing in therapy, and to add a therapeutic modality that opens the communication between language and the body and built an approach that can flow both "bottom up" and "top down".

The training will support you in:

  • Understanding the key concepts of felt-sense and experiencing and how they function in the Focusing process.

  • Opening a process of communication between language and body-sensing, understanding the role of the body in meaning formation and its implications for the therapeutic process.

  • Learning to connect to implicit memory, implicit beliefs and attitudes to reconstitute and recuperate aspects of identity that have been caught in the past, so as to better align toward the challenges of the present.

  • Learning to embrace both the somatic and cognitive aspects of affect states and promote vitality and relational connectedness.

  • Exploring the language of body symptoms and harness the life forward energy trapped in them.

  • Using the discerning of the body to guide us toward the resolution of symptoms and problems rather than impose solutions that do not “stick”.

  • Being able to recognize the markers of trauma in a session and maintain the process within the window of tolerance of each client for safe processing and re-negotiation.

  • Creating coherence between implicit impulses and patterns and explicit meanings, beliefs, and behavior.

  • Becoming comfortable in leaning into the non-verbal relational field and using it as a resource for both ourselves and our clients.

  • Exploring the multiple ways in which a rooting into body-process naturally opens up toward culturally specific spirituality and culturally appropriate thinking and understanding of both distress and wellness.

  • and more.


NOTE: the program will be offered in person only in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Courses start in 2019 upon request. Contact us if you would like more information. If you are a therapist in the USA or Italy and would like to get started with the experiential phase of this training (see below for more information) let us know.

The curriculum presents is divided in two phases:

1. An experiential phase (A) during the first year, in which you will learn Focusing as a first person process (Focusing for yourself) and share it in partnerships of equals.

2. A phase of professional integration (B) during the second year in which you will learn to facilitate the Focusing process in others and apply it the therapeutic context (following Phase A). Completing this phase will qualify you as a Focusing Professional with The International Focusing Institute.

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