Focusing Insights offers support in the following areas:

  • ​Emotional Distress 

  • Preparation for challenging events (i.e. surgery, presentations, tests)

  • Stress or health challenge(s)

  • Wanting to calm your emotions, your mind, or your body symptoms 

  • Life Direction and Life Transitions

  • Leadership and Deep Listening

  • Motivation, Self-growth and Creativity


Depending on your preferences, our assessment of your needs and goals, and if we meet in person or via video-conference I offer FOCUSING SESSIONS  or FOCUSING AND SOMATIC EXPERIENCING SESSIONS.



Focusing has been developed by philosopher and psychologist Eugene Gendlin who has been honored four times for his contributions by the American Psychological Association.

Gendlin was a pioneer in body-centered psychotherapy. He understood that the the body is never the body alone, nor the mind is only the mind, but they are both always intrinsically interacting with each other and with the larger web of life. This view is reflected in the practice of Focusing which is both a natural (organic) process accessible to all who want to learn it, and at the same time a culturally specific and individually adaptable process. Focusing is now used across continents in a variety of contexts with many applications.  To learn more visit The International Focusing Institute.

​In Focusing sessions you are gently guided to connect to your inner bodily knowing about specific situations and dilemmas of your life. We assume that nobody knows your life challenges, dreams and desires more than you do—that you are the expert and the artist of your life. Therefore in our Focusing sessions you are the one in charge of setting your goals for each session as well as the content of your inquiry.  What Focusing does offers is guidance in the PROCESS of sensing, connecting to, and integrating different layers of inner experience: thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams, fantasies, impulses, sensations, urges, and your intimate knowing of the many situations that make up your life.  This way of working is respectful of your self-determination and agency in asserting the pace and content of your healing and/or growth journey and will naturally lead you to find your own path to wellness, vitality, and integrity.


Somatic Experiencing is an approach developed by Peter Levine to heal trauma but we will use it more widely to address distress, stress, and one time adversities. Like Focusing, Somatic Experiencing is centered on sensing in the body and connecting to different layers of experience (emotions, thoughts, images, voluntary and involuntary movements) but it has a more technical goal of supporting the self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system (the part of the brain that regulates body functions and primordial emotions). What this means is that our sessions can center on helping you renew (or find anew) a peaceful, relaxed, playful and centered sense of self that you can maintain even in the face of life-challenges. Drawing from my 25 years of practice in movement somatics and depending on your desire to explore, in addition to our verbal communication, we can use a wide pallet of tools like simple yoga poses, sounding, the gentle use of self-touch, micro-movement explorations, physical explorations of boundaries, or completion of self-defensive responses to support self-regulation and grounding. These sessions are also educational: they will help you in identifying the specific and individual ways in which your mind and physiology interact with each other to create spirals of sickness or wellness, the markers and patterns of your stress response before it occurs, the particular ways in which you cope with distress, the range and depth of your comfort zone (so it can naturally expand), and the individual ways in which you can built and sustain a sense of relaxed presence that support a dynamic emotional and physical well-being.

COST: Session lasts one hour and costs 100$ or 80$ if you schedule three or more.

Sessions can be scheduled in person or via teleconference.  To schedule a session, Contact us.


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