This historical moment demands of us renewed creativity and an internal sense of integrity and direction to enable us to navigate so many complex challenges—from climate chaos, to social instability and relational volatility, to chronic stress, environmental degradation and systemic discrimination, to competing values in parenting, growing up and growing oldexpressing gender and creating intimacy, to adapting to working or not working in ways that support our health and that of larger communities, and so much more.


Focusing Insights help us find our resolution to change, grow, heal in relationship to these issues and come to our own creative in-process solutions (not definitive but open).  These (re)solutions are sustainable because they are not imposed from the outside, but are aligned with our vitality, our implicit needs and capacities, and the specific circumstances of our lives.

Focusing Insights offers a process of cooperation between our spirit, body and mind, between our physiology and our psychology, between our internal relationships and our attachments to nature and people, moving away from fragmentation, isolation and stiffness toward integration, cooperation, flexibility, and unity.

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